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It allows you to gradually deform part of an image or turn an image into another
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WinMorph is a very useful tool that allows you to apply two transformation effects to your pictures: warping and morphing. Warping is the process of gradually deforming part of an image, e.g. to obtain gestures. The Morphing effect consists of using two images, to gradually change one of these into the other. Both processes are not difficult to execute: For warping, you have to load the desired image, draw shapes on it - you can draw a rectangle, ellipse, polyline, or create freehand. After a shape has been drawn, you can modify the points of the shape to obtain a more accurate effect. The next step is to assign a key feature to each shape, and finally, associate the entire shapes to create the transformation effect. The result will be saved into a video file. For morphing, the process is similar: you have to open two images, draw shapes on each image, but here the shapes’ association process consist in associating the shapes of the first image with the second and vice versa. WinMorph can also be installed as plug-in for Adobe Premiere, Vegas Video, and Wax.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can use Winmorph as a standalone application for image/morphing, or use Winmorph as plug-in in any video editor


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